PressTV reports of demonstrators violence; Riots calmed

Juni 21st, 2009

According to Iranian PressTV, the Police and Security Forces have largely succeeded in cracking down on „terrorist elements“ among the pro-Mousawi demonstrators who have turned parts of Tehran and other major cities in chaotic scenes and destroyed shops, cars and education faculties.

After burning a mosque and staging an unsuccessful assault on an Iranian army checkpoint on Sunday, the Police started a capital-wide crackdown on the „terrorist elements“, putting the death toll of the riots to 13.

The Pro-Mousawi demonstrators refused to accept a partial recount offered by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on his first public Friday sermon after the votes. Khamenei also called the riots unlawful, thereby allowing the Police and Security Forces a crackdown on the pro-Mousawi demonstrators and rioters.

While many US and European analysts and bloggers specialised on Iran consider the Iranian demonstrations and riots self-sustaining, some have found irregularities in the demonstrators communication networks and present „proof“for an Israeli attempt to destabilize Iran through the manipulation of social network messsages like „Twitter“ and „Facebook“.